Pastor of Discipleship Bryon Harvey Steps Down

A Goodbye Letter From Bryon Harvey:

Dear Friends,

First, and most importantly, let me say thank you for your commitment to discipleship and building community at Grace Ann Arbor. Your passion for seeing people become more like Jesus is encouraging and exciting.


You may have noticed over the past couple of years Grace Ann Arbor has grown quite a bit. All healthy growth leads to healthy important change. When Sung first asked me to join the Grace Ann Arbor staff, he was looking to fill a full-time position. At that time I was unable and unwilling to take a full-time position with Grace. We, therefore, developed a plan for a part-time Pastor of Discipleship position. With the growth of Grace Ann Arbor, the needs of Grace Ann Arbor have changed.


In the past two years, I have had the great pleasure of leading as part of the Grace Ann Arbor team and seeing many people become more like Jesus. Over the past six months Sung and I have been in conversation about the changing needs of Grace Ann Arbor. We have experimented with different ways for me to continue serving you.


Last week it became clear that where God is leading me in ministry and the needs of Grace Ann Arbor are no longer fitting well together. In light of that realization, last week I tendered my resignation. I could have continued working with Sung trying to find the best fit for me within this church but that would not have been the best situation for you, for Grace Ann Arbor, or for my family and me.


It's important to me that you know that I love you and Grace Ann Arbor. There is no ill-will between Sung and me. I did not get mad and leave Grace. There is no issue of morality, theology, or personal strife between me and anyone on the Grace staff or part of Grace church.


I have two major commitments to finish before I leave. Last month I was asked to preach in Canton this Sunday, 26 March. I am in the middle of writing and leading our first Preparing for Marriage class (We have 20 people attending! God is awesome!) To complete these tasks I will stay on staff until Saturday 1 April.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving our amazing God with you. I love you all.


Grace and peace,