What is a lab? A lab is a seminar-like environment where participants learn through teaching and discussion about a variety of topics. Our first day of labs is Saturday, November 4 from 10 am-2 pm. Lunch and childcare is provided. Please sign up here. You may only sign up for one lab. If you need childcare, please RSVP by October 28. If you do not need childcare, the RSVP deadline is October 30. The limit is 40 adults.

Faith in the Wilderness

Do you feel like your faith is in a dry and lonely place? Is the faith of your childhood no longer working now that you are an adult? You are not alone; many Christians have experienced this. Join Amy Kimball and John Compton as they explore the nature of different seasons of faith and practice different contemplative disciplines to guide us through these various seasons. 

Marriage Enrichment

Are you seeking to deepen your marital relationship? Grace members Roger and Sheila Bouchard have over 40 years of experience in marital and pre-marital counseling and will lead and facilitate conversation around communication, roles in the marriage, and examining your family of origin. 

Budgeting 101

One of the greatest stressors in life is finances, and one of the most put off “to-do” items is making a budget. Join Ted Kennedy as he gives an overview of budgeting with basic principles. Come prepared with your income and expenses to actually set up your own budget. If you have a laptop with a spreadsheet program we have a spreadsheet you can load and use. If not, we will have printed copies too. 

When Helping Hurts

Based on the book by the same name, this lab will explore ways that attempts to help the poor have actually brought harm. The lab will also discuss ways in which we can help individuals and communities through holistic strategies that empower create sustainable changes. This lab will be led by Abby Dalton, Matt Milliken, and Mary Mattson who all have studied and work in the field of social work.