Learning labS

What is a lab? A lab is a seminar-like environment where participants learn through teaching and discussion about a variety of topics. 

Our next day of labs will be Saturday, April 21st from 9 am-2 pm. Light continental breakfast and childcare is provided. Please sign up here. You may only sign up for one lab. If you need childcare, please RSVP by April 14th. If you do not need childcare, the RSVP deadline is April 16th. The limit is 50 adults.

Interpersonal Relationships

In every stage of life, healthy relationships are essential to emotional, spiritual, and physical vitality. The key to all relationships (romantic and platonic) is connecting with others (Bonding) while not losing our identity (setting boundaries). Join John Compton and Amanda Becker as we explore common pitfalls and helpful tools to grow in the various relationships we encounter in life.

Living On Mission

Most of us desire to share our faith, but we struggle to know how. Instead of memorizing a door-to-door pre-fabricated speech, Dave Collins will go through a process for us to learn how to share in the ways that best suit our personalities. We'll also learn a little more about culture, our church, and the best ways we can move forward together in serving our city.

Hearing God in Prayer

Most of us know how to ask God for help in daily life, but few of us have been taught how to hear God’s voice when he replies. Prayer is a conversation, the divine dialogue between a loving God and his children. Come to this lab and learn how to recognize the voice of God in your daily life. Led by Sam Williamson, author of Hearing God in Conversation.

Budgeting 101

Creating a budget that works for the long haul seems like an insurmountable task, but without a budget we are often left wondering what has happened to our paycheck. Ben and Heather Wing will share their own experience budgeting that helped them pay off their debt and save a 6-month emergency fund, loosely based on principles taught by author Dave Ramsey.