Board member vote

Thank you for voting!

You may have heard that the Grace Board President, Mark Postma, recently moved with his family to Holland, Mich. We held nominations for his vacant place on the Grace Board, and Don Bromley was nominated. 

Over the last few weeks voting was open to confirm this nomination. The voting closed last week and Don was approved as a new member of the Board. To find out more about Don, click here to read his biography.

The Grace Board of Directors is a group of 4-7 people, including the Network Leader (Sung Kim), and of trusted advisors from the various campuses. They review major decisions that are made by the leaders within the Grace Campuses. They are not the spiritual overseers of the various congregations, but provide counsel in areas of business, finance, and on legal matters. Board members are elected to a five-year term by the members of Grace Church.